About Us


Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi serves as a platform to shape the future of Abu Dhabi's maritime industry by bridging the gap between the public and private sectors. We aim to fulfil the crucial role of connecting and strengthening the maritime community. Just as leading maritime hubs around the world have established similar foundations, we recognise the significance of creating a collaborative hub that unites industry stakeholders. Our vision is aligned with the aspiration of becoming a global maritime leader, supporting the growth and advancement of the maritime sector in Abu Dhabi.


Under the guidance of the Department of Municipalities and Transport (DMT),  we have a dual mission, to actively contribute towards the greater progress of the maritime business sector, and our community, and to position Abu Dhabi among the leading maritime centres of the world. 
Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi is driven by three strategic pillars: Connect, Create and Collaborate.


  • Promoting the maritime industry of Abu Dhabi to the world and vice versa.
  • Connecting Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi to the local/regional maritime ecosystem


  • Creating a platform to foster talent development in Abu Dhabi’s maritime sector
  • Supporting and showcasing decarbonisation initiatives and innovation in the maritime industry


  • Ensuring successful collaboration between the private and the public sectors for optimum synergy
  • Bridging the gap between academic institutions, the maritime industry and government entities


Our team at Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi is composed of representatives from various segments of both the public and private maritime sectors that support the operations and implementation of the Maritime Hub’s initiatives.

These individuals will lead working groups, contributing innovative ideas, addressing challenges, and guiding collaborative efforts. The team is essential in formulating pathways for the industry's growth and development.


By being part of this platform, you will benefit from interaction with influential bodies, policymakers and a vibrant community of players across the whole maritime industry; ports, offshore, maritime suppliers, shipbuilding, ship operating, dredging, maritime services, knowledge institutes, water sports and fisheries, seafarers and academia.

What We Do

Our commitment is to create a robust network through interactive engagement through seminars, workshops, and knowledge-sharing initiatives. We are dedicated to nurturing innovation and talent by bringing together governmental bodies, academia, and industry stakeholders by fostering collaboration. 

Working Groups - Public & Industry Outreach

Maritime Hub is supported by working groups nominated from various sectors of the maritime ecosystem/industry. These groups regularly contribute to the hub with innovative ideas, addressing challenges and guiding collaborative efforts for industry growth. The working groups build strategies that encourage research, development, and innovation in maritime activities, and develop eco-friendly practices that meet global standards and support the maritime workforce to grow their knowledge and capabilities.

Decarbonisation Awareness

Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi is poised to play a pivotal role in facilitating the maritime industry’s journey towards sustainability, offering awareness sessions on how organisations can reduce their carbon footprint through established platforms at the UAE level. Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi is committed to aligning the local maritime sector with the UAE Net Zero by 2050 strategic initiative.

Events & News

Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi Launch Event
18th December 2023
Maritime Hub Abu Dhabi Launch of Working Group
18th January 2024
Working Group Session 1 - Engineering Service & Technical
20th February 2024
Working Group Session 2 - Insurance & Legal
21st February 2024
Working Group Session 3 - Leisure & Marina Clubs
22nd February 2024
Working Group Session 4 - Shipbuilding & Classification Societies
06th March 2024
Working Group Session 5 - Shipping & Offshore Companies
07th March 2024
Working Group Session 6 - Port, Logistics & Shipping Agents
07th March 2024

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